April Book Haul

I managed to stick to my book buying ban on March, but I went right back into the book buying trap in April, the latest being the month of my birthday. Great excuse to spend money, isn’t it? 

OOOOThe first two books are from that secondhand bookshop I keep talking about, Renaissance. I paid 6$ for the two books which is simply amazing. I have yet to read them, but I will get onto it. Some day

OOOOThe six other books are from Amazon and Bookoutlet
I have had my eyes on graphic novels for a while now but I was unsure wether I should buy some or not.
Now I haven’t picked up a comic since I was a kid
(apart for Calvin and Hobbes); and even then I much prefered novels. In my head I was absolutely certain that I didn’t like graphic novels because 1/ I love words way too much and 2/ there is just not enough text in it to be worth my money. Well, I take it back, they are worth my money and I will buy some more in a very near futur. I have found myself enjoying reading them so much more than I expected; I enjoyed the art just as much as the story itself and I am now addicted. I am sure I will soon be in a novel reading slump because I only want to pick up graphic novels at the moment. Not only is it very enjoyable to go through a graphic novel quickly (meaning reading it in one go and not being sleep depraved) but it also is very enjoyable to read again later because you can spot details you missed the first time. Now I do enjoy re-reading a book (ahem! Harry Potter) but it sometimes can be a bit boring when you know the story very well. With a graphic novel however, it is always nice to have a look inside, if only to admire the drawings. And I love it; that’s it, I’m converted.
(I realize now there’s a bit of a blue theme going on here)

What books have you bought this month? 


Wicked by Gregory McGuire | The Selection by  Kiera Cass
Rat Queens Volume 1 by Kurtis J Wiebe | Peter Pan By J.M Barrie
In Real Life by Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang | Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol  Delilah Dirk by Tony Cliff | The Odyssey by Gareth Kind 

Last minute edit: I said I wouldn’t buy anymore books this month… and I failed. 
OOOOOLa nuit des temps by Barjavel | The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton


Book Haul

As I mentioned in a previous post, I love to read but found it a bit complicated to buy all the books I want, whenever I want because it sometimes is way too expensive. I’ve pretty much always bought my books brand new in France, because there’s no secondhand store, and the books I bought in thriftshops or garage sell were always classics. So when I was craving a recent book, I had no other choice but to rush to the nearest library and buy it. But I thought sometimes, the book wasn’t worth the price because I didn’t like it, or because I read it so fast I was left to think maybe I paid a too much for the little time I spent actually using the book. Besides that, I love to buyt things that have a history and I love to know my books have lived in the hands of others. I was so please to see secondhand bookshops can be found anywhere here in Montreal. All these are from the library Renaissance, except for the first one that I found in a thriftshop on St Laurent.

All these, for 27$, isn’t it awesome?


Too Far
Rich Shapero

How bloody gorgeous is this cover?
The story is about two 6 year-old kids who, thanks to their imagination, create another world in which they can escape their lives at home.
I can’t wait to start reading it.


Life Of Pi
Yann Marcel

I’ve been dying to read this one for so long, but I said in an early post, I just stopped read as much as I used to. I’m very looking foreward to read it.


Back to Blood
Tom Wolfe

I have to say I never heard of this book, but I found the cover so pretty I just just had to get it. The story sounds quite nice though, a bit out of the fiction/fantasy I’m used to; But I think it is time for me to try out something new.


DSCN1577Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
J.K Rowling

I believe I do not have to present this one.
Favorite series of all time, can’t get enough of it. I have all the books in France,  but as we’re studying the first one in class, I needed to buy another copy. Thought it’d be nice to own another edition. The thing is, now I have to buy the others…


DSCN1573Myths and Legends
Golden Press Collection

I am a huge fan of myths in general, with a slightly preference for grec mythology. I found this book in Renaissance and way delighted to take it home with me for only 3$50. The book was illustrated by Alice and Martin Provensen, and is absolutely gorgeous.


DSCN1572The Night Circus
Erin Morgenstern

I had never hear about this book when I found it but it sounded so amazing and magical I just had to have it. The story’s about a circus that only appears at night, and tells us the love story of two young people living the circus life.
I am very excited about this book.



Thinking of you
Jill Mansell

Another book I picked up because I thought the cover was pretty. It tells the story of Ginny, whose daughter just left for university. She divorced the father long time ago,  is now left alone with no-one to take care of. She will have to learn how to live for herself. I’ve started reading it, and though there is no much action, the story is still very sweet.


Milan Edition

As I said a bit earlier in the post, I love everything mythology related. This one is more of the history/mythology kind of book, and is BEAUTIFULand  HUGE, all shiny, and there’s « jewels » on it. Inside we can find copies of articles, and letters in the book.


Charlie and the Chocolat Factory
Roald Dahl

This last one is a classic that I am ashamed to say I have never read. No need to summarise the story I suppose. I am very very excited to finally read it. Fortunately, the weather s terrible here in Montreal, and has been for a while, I won’t feel guilty about staying home to read.

And if all that wasn’t enough, I offered myself not one, not two, not three, but ten ebooks:

Weird and More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell
Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
The Diviners by Libba Bray
The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan
The infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

Heir of Fire by Sarah J.Maas.

Yes, ten. I went crazy.

“ no story lives unless someone wants to listen ”



What a wonderful way to escape reality, and forget about all things that are going wrong in your life. I’ve always loved to read, specially fantasy stories. I guess I love to read about magic to forget about the real world for a while. When i was younger, I would stay up all night reading with a flashlight so my mom wouldn’t know I wasn’t sleeping. I just couldn’t put down a book until I had reached the last page, I so obsessed I could forget to eat. If I still read, and enjoy reading, that way (I read the Divergent trilogy+ Four short strories in three days) I realised I’m not reading has much as I used to, for two reasons.

The first one, is that I’ve had a lot of things to read for school since high school. So much that I sometimes forgot to red for myself and choose my own books. Specially this year, and though I have only 4 courses for the trimestre, I have a different book to read every week/two weeks (I won’t complain about the course I need to read Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone for) which leave me with not much time to read anything else. When I realised I wasn’t reading that much anymore, I decided to start taking time for my own readings again, and It feels really good.

The second is that books are awefully expenssives in my opinion. People nowadays aren’t encourage to read anymore with the whole internet thing, and I find it pretty hard to buy a book 20 to 30€ when I know I’ll have finished it the next day. And beside that, I’m not a huge fan of brand new books. I love to buy second hand books and know they have lived in the hands of somebody else before. If I as not so attached to all my books, I will give them to charity just to know that someone else, who doens’t necessarly have money to spend on books, will also travel through their pages. There’s not much secondhand libraries in France, so I was delighted to find so many here in Montreal. The « Renaissance » librairies are beyond affordable, and I can always find some pretty recent books there, that is why I have decided not to buy any new books anymore. That way, everyone’s happy: I can buy more books for less money, and the money I spend goes to a good cause.

As Geogre R.R. Martin said, « A reader lives a thousands lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. »  And I coudln’t agree more. I’ve lived a thousands lives by reading so many stories, and some of them feel home to me (did someone say Harry Potter?).