Keeping myself warm


DSCN1656*The weather has gone cold and snowy here. Just what I like. I’m not used seeing snow, we, unfortunately, don’t get to see much of it in south France. I couldn’t be more thrilled knowing there will be snow all winter in Montreal. And it will be my very first snowy winter. Not that there’s NEVER any snow where I used to live, it simply very rarely stays, which always saddens me.

A believe a curse has been following me ever since I first came here: Indeed, I keep loosing my beanies in the metro. It was only fair to treat myself a little. I grabbed my needles, found some 100% wool yarn, and there you go! Brand new, handmade beanie. It is big, and fluffy, and softJust what I needed to keep me warm and comfy. I better be careful not to loose this one as well.




Et la boucle est bouclée


I’ve being a bit very lazy on posting (or doing anything productive to be honest) for the past month, as I’ve had so many things coming up at the same time.

But last Saturday was a giant stay-in-my-pj-all-day day. I’ve watch tones of TV shows (I gave a try to once upon in wonderland and I freaking loved it, can’t for the next episode to be released), drank a lot of tea, ate pretty much everything I could get my hands on and… crocheted! 
I wanted to crochet this doll for quite a while now, but hey, I can’t get enough being lazy.
It so took me ages to finally have enough motivation to sit on my couch (very tiring isn’t it?) and crochet this so pretty little thing.
This is a sheep doll I crochet thanks to lalylala’s pattern.
I changed the whole body of the doll, I thought this kind of fluffy wool would be a thousand times prettier than the very specific stitch she uses on her pattern. And I was SO right. This hairy wool is just perfect for this doll, it makes it so adorable. 
I also changed the size of the crochet for the body part as the wool was slitghtly bigger than the other one. I ended up using a lot less yarn that i should have following the pattern. 
It’s so soft, so cute. I just want to hold that little sheep all day.
Honestly, isn’t it the cutiest thing ever? Like, really.