The Weasley Jumper #1

Ever since I started knitting I have been dying to make myself a Weasley jumper. And, honestly, who doesn’t? I keep wondering why I haven’t done earlier and the truth is I have no idea. But here it is, my precious little Weasley jumper. I felt like Molly knitting it (minus the magic part, unfortunately) but I experienced a little bit of magic when I blocked the second and last sleeve; finally, it was done. After years and years (and years) of saying « I’m gonna knit a Weasley jumper« , I had done it. And I must say I am damn proud of myself. DSCN2049**

Alright, it wasn’t all easy and nice to knit this piece, especially (you know what’s coming) the letter part. I spent two days trying to figure out the right size of it, and where to begin, adjust my pattern for it to fit in the middle, but oh, the joy of putting it on in the end! To my delight, it fits perfectly. The body is long, but not to long and large just like I wanted it to be. The sleeves are big enough to feel extra cosy and long enough to cover half my hands which is, well, pure perfection.

Apart from being able to add a new emblematic item to my ever-growing Hp collection, I now feel like an accomplished knitter.

And for the first time, I am gonna share my very own pattern.
Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Weasley Jumper
English – French





Keeping myself warm


DSCN1656*The weather has gone cold and snowy here. Just what I like. I’m not used seeing snow, we, unfortunately, don’t get to see much of it in south France. I couldn’t be more thrilled knowing there will be snow all winter in Montreal. And it will be my very first snowy winter. Not that there’s NEVER any snow where I used to live, it simply very rarely stays, which always saddens me.

A believe a curse has been following me ever since I first came here: Indeed, I keep loosing my beanies in the metro. It was only fair to treat myself a little. I grabbed my needles, found some 100% wool yarn, and there you go! Brand new, handmade beanie. It is big, and fluffy, and softJust what I needed to keep me warm and comfy. I better be careful not to loose this one as well.



Keep me warm

The sky is grey, the air is colder, a spiced hot chocolat, Harry Potter on the tv and a blanket to keep my warm. How I love the end of the year and its cold weather because it means I will take the knitting stuff out again.
Among all the things I love about cold weather, blankets are my most appreciated. There’s nothing better than watch (or re-watch) my favorite movies, or grab a good book, and through myself under a soft and cosy and warm blanket. The ones I knitted/crocheted are not huge blankets, but they’re big enough to cover my whole legs and belly when I lay (ahem,allday) on the sofa.

The first one was knitted with a limited yarn from phildar that I bought two years ago. I used 10 sized needles for this one and is pretty simple: the periphery is ribbed (1×1) and the inside is a basic garter stitch. Took me only a few hours to knit the whole blanket for it is quite small. The wool is very soft and doesn’t scratch at all despite the shiny strings inside.

The second one is slightly bigger than the other and was, this time, crocheted rather than knitted. I planned to knit it at first but I figured a double treble and a size 9 crochet would make it grow faster. The yarn comes from a local shop I spotted near my appartment named La Bobineuse de Laine ; once again, the yarn was a « limited edition ». It was made out of 12 differents yarn which give the camaieu in the end. The wool is less soft than the phildar, but as it is pure wool, it is far warmer.

I just love blankets so much, I wish it could be cold all year round.

Un tartan nommé Désire

Ô joie que de te posséder enfin jupe en tartan. Toi que j’ai tant voulu, toi que j’ai tant cherché (et parfois même oublié de chercher, ça m’apprendra à avoir la tête ailleurs tiens), toi que je n’aurai jamais cru porter, toi qui a manqué de ne pas être parce que bien évidemment j’ai pris PILE-POIL assez de tissu pour te faire, toi qui n’est pas assez serrée à la taille mais que je ne reprendrai peut-être jamais parce que je suis une flemmarde, oui, toi. Et bien tu sais quoi? Je t’aime comme ça.
Avec tous tes défauts (à attendre: le petit raté sur ton ourlet, ta ceinture un poil trop grande et le fait que tu ne sois pas assez tournante à mon goût. Mais à qui la faute après tout?).
Toi qui n’est absolument plus de saison aussi. Mais qu’importe, tu es bien jolie. Si si, je t’assure. 

Enfin, que dire de toi? Tu es une jupe, OBVIOUSLY, tu es toute de tartan vêtue, OBVIOUSLY, tu es facile à faire: PAS OBVIOUSLY (surtout quand il s’agit de la pose de la fermeture éclair, que j’ai voulu invisible et qui m’a demandé bien trop de concentration).
Bwef, c’est du tartan rouge assez épais, elle entre donc dans la catégorie des jupes d’hiver. La bonne idée que de la faire au printemps donc (oh la menteuse! Elle a été faite en fin d’hiver!). Fort heureusement, le temps n’a pas l’air bien sure de lui, et comme il pleut depuis 3 jours, il me semble plutôt justifié de sortir encore un peu les jupes épaisses, les collants et les bottes, histoire d’en profiter un peu tout de même.




Foxes are pink

I fell in love with the fabric right away, you know, love at first sight. It was crazy, the fabric was there, calling my name, and well, how could I resist? It, however, slept quit  long time before I found the courage to make something out of it. And one day, I knew exactly what I wanted it to be.


I wear long to mid-long dresses/skirts 90% of the time (the other 10% are dedicated to pjs), mostly because I have no desire to be careful of how I sit, or what I do when I wear a dress/skirt, so, long ones are what works best for me I suppose (even though I’m not sure it does suit me well). I added a white-collar (I failed so hard!) to light up the whole fox-printed-pinky … thing. Of course that dress will most definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m not even sure it is mine yet. I mean, I love it, I do. But I’m not a very big fan of any kind of pink clothes in general, I even think the only other pink piece of clothing is the sweater I knitted this winter.

To be honest, the dress have been sewn weeks ago, I still haven’t worn it, I don’t know why, I just can’t picture myself in the dress, even if I truly love it. I may cut the dress off to goes right above the knee, maybe a shorter one would be less scary to wear?

  DSCN0038-001   DSCN0036-001