The Book Courtship Tag

I wasn’t tagged to do this by anyone, but, who cares? I really like the tag, I find it to be very funny. So, here I go. 

Phase 1Initial Attraction: A book that you bought because of the cover?

OOOOThat would be the Puffin Chalk Edition of Peter Pan, by JM Barrie. I’ve had read this book already, but the cover was too pretty not to buy it. I mean, look at it… just look at it! And the pages are all cut in that beautiful shape. I think it’s on trend at the moment, but I don’t care, it’s beautiful


Phase 2First Impressions: A book that you got because of the summary?

OOOOI would pick The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It took me months to pick it up, which is a sin. But I read it and loved it from beginning to end. Has for the summary:
OOOOThe circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it, no paper notices plastered on lampposts and billborads. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within these noctural black-and-white-striped tents awaitsand utterly unique experience, a feast for senses, where one can get lost in a maze of clouds, meander thourgha lush garder made of ice, stare in wonderment as the tattooed contortionist folds herself into a small glass box, and become deliciously tipsy from the scents of caramel and cinnamon that waft through the air. 
OOOOOOWelcome to Le Cirque des Rêves. 


Phase 3Sweet Talk: A book with great writing?

OOOOThe Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Beside the fact that it is amazingly well writen, the story itself is fatastic. Every booklover would love it; it is a book about books. I have read it many times and still love it, like every other Zafon’s books. Zafon has a very peculiar style; he uses quit a lot of description, and all of his stories have a hint of fantasy. Or at least, something a little inexplicable. This particular book is a story about books, and what they could represent for those who read them. It is very sweet. I highly recommend it.


Phase 4First Date: A first book of a series which made you want to pick up the rest of the series?

OOOOI would pick The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I have had heard a lot of good things about the book before reading it and I was very surprised of how much I loved it. It was amazing. I cannot say how much I loved it. There’s action, and romance, and friendship. And the sequel was just as good, now I can’t wait for the thrid book to come out (and I know I’ll be just as impatiente for the fourth/fifth etc). Which won’t be for a long while now, unfortunately. 


Phase 5Late Night Phone Calls:A book that kept you up all night?

OOOOAllegiant by Veronica Roth, definitely. I was SO impatient to read it. I couldn’t put it down until I was done with it.But then again, I read the entire trilogy + Four short stories in three days. That’s how obsessed I was with it. I won’t say anything in case anyone has yet to read it, but urgh, the ending. 


Phase 6Always on my mind: A book you could not stop thinking about?

OOOOThe Odyssey by Homer. This is my ultimate old time favorite story. I have read it many, many times. In many different editions and styles. I had to read it for the first time when I was 11 and I kept picking this up everytime I have the chance since then. I recently bought a graphic novel of the Odyssey that I have yet to read but I know I will love it. 

IMG_20150413_141308Phase 7Getting Physical: A book which you love the way it feels?

OOOOHarry Potter, Wizardry Film. The book comes with all these goodies you can take out and read and just admire because they are beautiful. It takes a lot of self control  not to read the whole book at once. But even when I’ll be done reading it, I will still enjoy flipping through it because it is gorgeous. 

DSCN2281Phase 8Meeting the parents: A book which you would recomend to your family and friends?

OOOOThe Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I just love it. But if I really have to pick another book, I would choose Ce que le jour doit à la nuit by Yasmina Khadra (I believe the english title is What the Day owes to the Night, but I’m not sure). The story is heartbreaking, and sweet, and funny at the same time. 


Phase 9Thinking about the future: A book or series you know you will re read many times in the future?

OOOOWithout a second’s hesitation: the Harry Potter series. 
It is just too good. There’s not much else to say. It’s a gigantic piece of my childhood that I know I will go back to for the rest of my life. And I will read it to my children; and if they don’t like it, I’ll had them adopted (of course, that is a joke). 


Phase 10Share the love: Who do you tag?

Anyone who wishes to do it is invited to. I haven’t been tagged so… Just take the right to do it and tag me in it so I can see what books you chose! 



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