The Hunger Games

I quite suppose you all are familliar with the Hunger Games trilogy wether it is by the books or the movies. Guess no one could have get past the phenomenon, right? Well, praise yourself, because I did. I am the girl who never read nor watch anything Hunger Games related and although I have heard of it (suppose I couldn’t escape it, could I?) I have no idea what actually happens in the story. 

Now, there is a reason why I chose not to read the books/watch the movies, reason being that I’ve always said a similar story already existed: Battle Royale. I couldn’t understand why people would get so existed about a story that was so close to something already existant. And then years past and I kept hearing and reading about the Hunger Games trilogy and so so many people seem to be deeply in the story and yet I simply couldn’t bring myself to change my mind and give it a try. I can be bloody stubborn when I want to.

But one day as I was wandering around a secondhand bookshop I spotted a hardcover of the third book of the trilogy in perfect condition for2$ and thought « hell with that, I’m gonna buy it, at least the book is pretty« . And there you go, I had one of the three books. Weeks later, going back to that bookshop I found the first one, hardcover, perfect condition, 2$. And I got it, which seemed legit. And then, a few days ago, I went to yet another secondhand bookshop, not planning on buying anything really (even I am not convinced) and found the second and final book I was missing to complete the trilogy for 3,50$. Just like that, I had in my possession the complete Hunger Games Trilogy. 

They are now standing in my bookshelf, all very beautiful and waiting to be picked up. Which I guess I’ll be doing in a very near futur since I have a week off from uni. So yeah, the girl who hasn’t read the so very well known and loved Hunger Games trilogy, will soon join the rest of the gang. Better late than never they say; now if you will excuse me, I have a little black book waiting for me to dive into its pages. 

Is there any book(s)/trilogy/series that you have yet to dive into?



2 réflexions sur “The Hunger Games

  1. Bienvenue au club! J’ai lu la trilogie cette année (d’ailleurs pour le reading book challenge) la libraire a fini par me convaincre que les bouquins étaient vraiment top! Ca m’a fait bizarre quand je me suis renseignée pour écrire un article dessus de voir que ça faisait déjà 5 ans que le 3ème tome était sorti… Et qu’on en parlait toujours autant surtout! Je les ai lu en Français et ils m’ont beaucoup plu! Surtout le premier et le second! Le dernier était pas mal aussi mais me captivait un peu moins en fait… Je me disais pareil que toi au début, que il n’y avait rien de révolutionnaire puisque Battle Royale existait déjà depuis des années… Je ne vais pas du tout te spoiler mais quand tu liras les bouquins (et si tu vois les films) tu verras pourquoi (enfin moi c’est ce que j’ai pensé) ça fait un tel carton encore à l’heure actuelle!

    Bonne lecture en tout cas :)

    1. aaah, je pensais être la seule à ne pas avoir donné sa chance à cette trilogie. Tu m’en vois rassurée.
      C’est en effet ce que j’ai entendu dire; que finalement, tout cela n’avait rien à voir avec Battle Royale, alors pourquoi pas?
      Je m’y mettrai dés que j’aurai terminé the Lunar Chronicles (flemme de trouver le bon équivalent en français). D’ailleurs, si tu n’as pas donné sa chance Cinder, tu devrai. C’est vraiment, vraiment sympa!


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