A year of trying not to be a lazy slug – two months wrap-up


Two months ago I wrote this article I said I would try and stop being lazy and anti-productive. Looking back at all the things I listed I realize I have succeed in almost all my challenges. Here are the wrap up of these last two months: 

♦ Watching 3/4 episodes of a serie in a row:
Due to the winter break I had plenty of time to read instead of watching tv shows. But even now that the break is over I keep watching one episode at the time and not two or three in a row. I am also back in class which means I have a hell of a lot of books to read, rather I like it or not (here’s my november wrap-up).

Being clued to my phone before bed: 
I can say I mostly succeeded on that. I try to read before bed instead of going through my instagram etc.

Buying things I don’t need: 
Ok, I confess I failed. I failed pretty baddly. I said I wanted to thrift the things I wanted, and I did. But I did buy things I didn’t need (as you can see here) But it was books, so, that doesn’t count. Does it? 

Lay in bed all day when the weather is fine: 
Oh well, the weather haven’t been fine so that clears up the question. However I did go out a lot more (I even took photos).

Complain about everything: 
There’s not point in arguying: I failed. I love complaining way to much to stop. 

Do nothhing productive on the internet: 
I think I did quite well, mostly because I read a lot more and knitted a lot as well (have a look here and here).. Although, I still watch cat videos from time to time. 

Being to scared to go out: 
I wanted to socialize a lot more. In some ways, I did. I’ve meet a girl in uni with whom I spend some time. Unfortunately, she was an exchange student and had to go back to Italy at the end of December. I guess I have to get myself out there again and try to make some friends. 

Conclusion: I think I did well in general. I haven’t made drastics changes in my life, but I tried to respect these challenges and be a little more productive. I just have to keep it this way.






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