The Weasley Jumper #1

Ever since I started knitting I have been dying to make myself a Weasley jumper. And, honestly, who doesn’t? I keep wondering why I haven’t done earlier and the truth is I have no idea. But here it is, my precious little Weasley jumper. I felt like Molly knitting it (minus the magic part, unfortunately) but I experienced a little bit of magic when I blocked the second and last sleeve; finally, it was done. After years and years (and years) of saying « I’m gonna knit a Weasley jumper« , I had done it. And I must say I am damn proud of myself. DSCN2049**

Alright, it wasn’t all easy and nice to knit this piece, especially (you know what’s coming) the letter part. I spent two days trying to figure out the right size of it, and where to begin, adjust my pattern for it to fit in the middle, but oh, the joy of putting it on in the end! To my delight, it fits perfectly. The body is long, but not to long and large just like I wanted it to be. The sleeves are big enough to feel extra cosy and long enough to cover half my hands which is, well, pure perfection.

Apart from being able to add a new emblematic item to my ever-growing Hp collection, I now feel like an accomplished knitter.

And for the first time, I am gonna share my very own pattern.
Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Weasley Jumper
English – French





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