The 6 months wrap-up

Six months ago I packed my suitcase(s), took a deep breath and went on a plane that took me far beyond all the things I have ever known. I left my beloved France and headed to Canada where, I must admit, the climate is a tiny bit different (cold you said?).

During those six months I went on with my studies and realized just how much I loved it, I enjoyed admiring the leaves slowly turning from green to beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red. I went up the Mont-Royal to have a glimpse at the whole town and went to the Biodôme to watch the sloth they had there in september. I celebrated my first Thanksgiving with my roommates and (badly) cooked a turkey. I then went Black Friday shopping and spend way to much money on clothes and books. I lived my first snow storm and felt like I was gonna go skiing each time I went out. I went to the Old Port to see the fireworks and froze my fingers so bad they doubled size. I finally got myself to read other books than the ones I had to read for university and discovered the joy of buying secondhand books pretty much every week. I saw a marmot outside the university and made friends with a squirell in the parc Lafontaine. I ate a poutine after doing my Christmas shopping and, talking about Christmas, celebrated it without my family this year. I went Boxing Day shopping with my boyfriend on the 26th of December and offered myself Harry Potter Film Wizardry for my HP collection.

Sometimes I have the feeling I haven’t done much since I arrived, and maybe I should go out more. But then I realize… I live here. I bloody live here, and I have all the time I could possible need to have a look at pretty much everything, and I am going to enjoy this time, that’s for sure. Starting with ice skating on the parc near my place.

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