White Christmas


My family and I aren’t not crazy about Christmas. We don’t do big Christmas parties with our aunts and uncles and cousins; we are not family centered, at all. This has everything to do with the fact that we aren’t that close to each other, unfortunately, we don’t quite get along because we arevery (and I mean VERY) different. But Christmas is special to us in the sense that it brings us together. It’s the only time of the year when we can put our differencies aside and enjoy spending time together, as a family. For a few hours, we eat, and chat, and laugh and we all forget about what usually keep us apart, and it always feels really good

But this year will be very different for all of us, because I won’t go back to France for the holidays. The flying tickets being way to expensive, my boyfriend and I have decided to stay in Montreal this Christmas. For the first time I won’t be spending Christmas at home, and I have to admitt it feels pretty weird imagining my whole family sitting together and leaving my chair empty (although I am sure my brother would gladly take it, it may not be empty after all). As much as it pains me I do believe my boyfriend and I will be making a fantastic Christmas of our own, and hopefully, I will have my very first snowy Christmas

And you, what does Christmas represent for you? 



2 réflexions sur “White Christmas

  1. I grew up in a extremely non-traditional family so Christmas was always « just another day » but I’ve grown to love the tradition in it the older I’m getting. I often take vacations during this time and usually spend the holidays on a beach doing nothing in particular but if I have my own family in the future I would love to celebrate it properly. I like how Christmas brings your family together despite your differences. Hope you and your boyfriend have a wonderful holiday, Merry Christmas!


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