Keeping myself warm


DSCN1656*The weather has gone cold and snowy here. Just what I like. I’m not used seeing snow, we, unfortunately, don’t get to see much of it in south France. I couldn’t be more thrilled knowing there will be snow all winter in Montreal. And it will be my very first snowy winter. Not that there’s NEVER any snow where I used to live, it simply very rarely stays, which always saddens me.

A believe a curse has been following me ever since I first came here: Indeed, I keep loosing my beanies in the metro. It was only fair to treat myself a little. I grabbed my needles, found some 100% wool yarn, and there you go! Brand new, handmade beanie. It is big, and fluffy, and softJust what I needed to keep me warm and comfy. I better be careful not to loose this one as well.




5 réflexions sur “Keeping myself warm

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion! I thought about selling those, but I would put quite a bit of money to start the whole process and it might be a bit too much for me at the moment. But I would absolutely love to sell some of my creations.


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