Keep me warm

The sky is grey, the air is colder, a spiced hot chocolat, Harry Potter on the tv and a blanket to keep my warm. How I love the end of the year and its cold weather because it means I will take the knitting stuff out again.
Among all the things I love about cold weather, blankets are my most appreciated. There’s nothing better than watch (or re-watch) my favorite movies, or grab a good book, and through myself under a soft and cosy and warm blanket. The ones I knitted/crocheted are not huge blankets, but they’re big enough to cover my whole legs and belly when I lay (ahem,allday) on the sofa.

The first one was knitted with a limited yarn from phildar that I bought two years ago. I used 10 sized needles for this one and is pretty simple: the periphery is ribbed (1×1) and the inside is a basic garter stitch. Took me only a few hours to knit the whole blanket for it is quite small. The wool is very soft and doesn’t scratch at all despite the shiny strings inside.

The second one is slightly bigger than the other and was, this time, crocheted rather than knitted. I planned to knit it at first but I figured a double treble and a size 9 crochet would make it grow faster. The yarn comes from a local shop I spotted near my appartment named La Bobineuse de Laine ; once again, the yarn was a « limited edition ». It was made out of 12 differents yarn which give the camaieu in the end. The wool is less soft than the phildar, but as it is pure wool, it is far warmer.

I just love blankets so much, I wish it could be cold all year round.


2 réflexions sur “Keep me warm

    1. Thanks! I have a bit of an obsession for blankets (as do for boxes, books and Harry Potter, but that’s not the point here), it seemed only fair for me to learn how to make some myself. Have you ever tried knitting? It actually is very easy and there’s a lot a very basic things that can be done quickly.


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