“ no story lives unless someone wants to listen ”



What a wonderful way to escape reality, and forget about all things that are going wrong in your life. I’ve always loved to read, specially fantasy stories. I guess I love to read about magic to forget about the real world for a while. When i was younger, I would stay up all night reading with a flashlight so my mom wouldn’t know I wasn’t sleeping. I just couldn’t put down a book until I had reached the last page, I so obsessed I could forget to eat. If I still read, and enjoy reading, that way (I read the Divergent trilogy+ Four short strories in three days) I realised I’m not reading has much as I used to, for two reasons.

The first one, is that I’ve had a lot of things to read for school since high school. So much that I sometimes forgot to red for myself and choose my own books. Specially this year, and though I have only 4 courses for the trimestre, I have a different book to read every week/two weeks (I won’t complain about the course I need to read Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone for) which leave me with not much time to read anything else. When I realised I wasn’t reading that much anymore, I decided to start taking time for my own readings again, and It feels really good.

The second is that books are awefully expenssives in my opinion. People nowadays aren’t encourage to read anymore with the whole internet thing, and I find it pretty hard to buy a book 20 to 30€ when I know I’ll have finished it the next day. And beside that, I’m not a huge fan of brand new books. I love to buy second hand books and know they have lived in the hands of somebody else before. If I as not so attached to all my books, I will give them to charity just to know that someone else, who doens’t necessarly have money to spend on books, will also travel through their pages. There’s not much secondhand libraries in France, so I was delighted to find so many here in Montreal. The « Renaissance » librairies are beyond affordable, and I can always find some pretty recent books there, that is why I have decided not to buy any new books anymore. That way, everyone’s happy: I can buy more books for less money, and the money I spend goes to a good cause.

As Geogre R.R. Martin said, « A reader lives a thousands lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one. »  And I coudln’t agree more. I’ve lived a thousands lives by reading so many stories, and some of them feel home to me (did someone say Harry Potter?).



2 réflexions sur ““ no story lives unless someone wants to listen ”

  1. I just became a fantasy fan the last couple of years (I always preferred contemporary before) and I can’t agree more on how wonderful it is to just disappear into another world and forget about real life for a little bit!


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