Autumn, what can I do but loving you?


Autumn is most definitely my favorite season of all. Beside Halloween, that I’m not very familiar with, everything about autumn seems like heaven to me. Big sweaters and scarves are out again, drinking liters of tea everyday is not that annoying because the weather has gone colder, I can snuggle in my pjs and fluffly socks when I don’t feel like going out and the colors are amazing.

If autumn, and therefor cold weather, comes slowly in the south of France, the leaves started to turn red a while ago in Montreal. Being a big fan of this time of year, I was undubtelly looking foreward to it, and I must say I was no disappointed. I have been told that the Mont-Royal was gorgeous during autumn and that I absolutely needed to see it. To my delight, they were very right.

We took a walk in the park a few days ago, the weather was perfect, the sky was blue, the air was fresh, and the colors up there were simply breathtaking. I felt like a child again when I walked among the dead leaves, and had a hard time trying not to chase every squirells that I would get my eyes on (needless to say there was a million of them). We found a path were there was not much people, for the most visited part of the park were crowded (I guess people here hurge themselves to go out before the big cold), so it was nice to be (somehow) alone and enjoy some quiet. We reached a point where we could see the whole town above, man, how gorgeous it was. At that moment, I realised, I am living here, in this city, an ocean from home. And I think I like it.







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