Les clichés


As I said in my last post, it has been raining a lot in Montreal the past couple of weeks, which I have to admit, annoyed me quite a lot even though I really do love rain (in my bed, with a cup of tea, reading). But we had a bit of nice weather as well, not always shiny (most of the time it was cloudy, but as far as there was no sign of a rain storm coming, I was good with it) but still well. So we had time to visit some pretty nice things.

I had no idea what to expect from this town before coming to visit, all I have ever seen and/or heard about it was something like : cold snow cold snow marmot snow Marple syrup cold snow caribou cold snow (did you say cliche?). If I haven’t seen any snow yet or experienced any real cold weather I can now add bagels to that list. But to be fair, I loved it. I loved the architecture that reminded me a bit of England, and I loved the colors, I loved the fact that you can easily feel like you’re lost somewhere in the countryside when you actually are in the middle of the town. I loved the fact it is so big, there is so many things to do and see. It is so very different from home, but feels quite like it as I can hear people speaking French at every corners. The only thing that scared the crap out of me is drivers. I never feel safe crossing roads and I never truly knew why until now: there is no real time for walkers to cross roads, there will ALWAYS be a car that will be allowed to turn your way. People warned me about that, and for good reasons.

We visited the neighborhood my bf lives in; there’s a park not so far from his house where I saw my very first Canadian squirrel, how exciting. We also went to le parc Mont-royal, of course, to see the whole town. Unfortunately, spring comes later here so there was no leaves when we went there, I bet it is twice as beautiful when trees aren’t naked.

Now that I think about it, I am glad we haven’t done that much of what I was expecting, this way I still will have many things to plan for when I’ll be back in July/August.



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