Holà Montréal!

It’s my birthday! Ok, it’s not, but it was last saturday. Besides the fact that I have been sick the whole day, I can say it was a pretty damn good birthday I had for many reasons.

First because I finally received my acceptance letter from Hogwarts (well, better late than never right?), which was very unexpected and heartwarming, after all this time (always) I was still waiting for it, and finally, it arrived.


Second, and most importantly, because I received my acceptance letter (another one) to Udem, University of Montreal (!!!), and this, oh my!, is the greatest gift I could ask for.

This year has being quite challenging I admit, and it has sometimes been truly hard to hold on when so much was happening in my life at the same time. 
My bf left for Montreal last august, which forced me to go back to moms for I didn’t have enough to have an apartment of my own. I, at last, have found what I wanted to study, and I went back to uni to start studying english. Life has been hard since he left, and I sometimes hated him so much for choosing to leave, even though, I know, he made the right choice. More than once have I be angry at him when I was very sad, or tired, or stressed, because in my mind, it was entirely his fault if my life was such a mess (which is true in a way).

To be honest, I struggled for months with lots of things, I was constantly thinking and I had so many questions I needed to find an answer to:
How was I going to afford to go live there? How will I go on with my studies? What if my application to Udem was to be rejected? Will I be able to follow a distant education? Will I be allowed to work there? 
And above all: Do I really want to go?  

I am a highly stressed person and the idea of leaving my comfort zone is terrifying, even thinking about it makes me sick. I think this is the reason why it took so long to decided rather I wanted to go or not, I simply couldn’t imagine myself leaving home to live in a country I didn’t choose and that I have never been before. But then he came back for christmas, and it all became clear: how could I possibly not go?

I received my acceptance letter to University of Montreal last thursday. Today I began to have look at what I need to do next. 
It is all going to pass so fast from now till the moment I will officially leave my comfort zone to established myself in another country.

This is it, I am gonna live in Montreal, Canada.



4 réflexions sur “Holà Montréal!

  1. Félicitation, c’est une première étape. Je suis partie en échange universitaire il y a plusieurs années. J’ai adoré mon expereience, tellement que j’y suis resté 11 ans. Bon courage pour la paperasse mais ça en vaut la peine!

  2. Ohhh super !!!
    Félicitations, j’ai adoré le Canada, j’étais du côté de Toronto en vacances dans une famille mais c’est un pays très chaleureux tu t »y plairas :)
    Bonne route à toi hihi


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